Cognitive Somatic Energy Practices

Laying on of Hands Healing

Full Spectrum Healing

( Formerly called Energy Psychology)

This division is specifically for lay practitioners. Licensed psychological discipline practitioners should contact ACEP for information regarding their professional practice.) These practices address the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system and heart, meridians, biophotons, biofields, etc.

Uses one to five techniques to support the relaxation response of the clients and some oscillatory effects which are defined by the techniques used. Where the relaxation response is then used to promote the health and well-being of the client. Many training programs are two to three weekends in length.

Uses a complex mix of techniques, presence, wave mechanics, grounding and styles which are not limited to but often include producing oscillatory effects and a reduction in inflammatory response which are tailored to the clients needs. Often modulates or changes electro-dermal skin response within specific patterned sequences. Operates in frequency ranges that extend from 3Hz to 8GHz that can be confirmed in laboratory testing. (Many training programs are three to four years in length.) These programs are generally a minimum of 250 hours of training.

Natural Healers



Individuals who have experienced a natural opening to healing gifts, that have developed one or more specific techniques as a result of that opening and are called by their heart to share their individual method of movement toward health with others.

Uses the far eastern model of care including the meridian system. May involve herbal use. Uses practitioner/environment charged or emitted Chi, sourced from tien tiens within the practitioner’s body and developed through movement and breathwork to modulate electro-dermal skin response primarily along lymphatic system of the body of the client.

Uses the “Reiki” wave and a set of channeled/symbolic attunements to establish connection to a defined pulsed wave which has it’s own consciousness which moves through the practitioner and into the client supporting health and healing. There are over 150 variations of Reiki and variations of the symbols currently being used in this process in the US at this time.

Natural Healers



Uses pendulum or similar instrument and a series of techniques to move areas of field stagnation to change the electro-dermal skin response on a client which in turn may produce broader physiological effects.

Ordained (can be any religious discipline) practitioner who is working outside of their congregation but within a spiritual contexts to promote the health and healing of a client. May or may not include a religiously based context or scripture as a focus for the work. Can also be a practitioner who is not ordained but has had a spiritual opening and uses spirituality and their faith as the basis for their practice.

Uses a set of “spirit guided” techniques which may include journey work, casting of bones, spirit quest etc. in search of the causes of imbalance within a body system in order to restore truth and balance to the individual client. (We are specifically limiting this division to non-indigenous practitioners as indigenous practitioners are covered under federal law.)

Remote Viewing

Medical Intuition

Uses coordinates and CRT procedures to establish connection, information and response to a client’s needs.

Though not a specific division yet, medical intuition is providing the medical community additional insights based on the subtle energy perspective which then the physician, family nurse practitioner or other health care professionals can use in the effective treatment of their client/patient.

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