At this time we are inviting all existing energy training programs to submit applications to join the community. There is no cost for membership until 2022. However, there is a review process which includes faculty, quality, ethics, skills and claims. Programs which are invited to join in one of the divisions can decide if they want a free program link and listing on this web site or a paid advertisement and link for the program. Fee schedule will be sent to those programs which are accepted.

For programs that are not initially accepted: we are willing to work with you to establish a high quality program regardless of the size of your program. Do not think you need to be national or international to become a member. Many of the people who engage in training want smaller and more local programs. We welcome programs of any size and type for review.

We do not have divisions that fit every training program. If your training program does not fit in the existing divisions please let us know during the applications process. When we have several groups of similar types we will engage those groups in the division process.

Become a member