How to become a partner organization:


We invite individuals with professional practices (6 paid clients per week min) and training programs of all types (large or small) to become involved in this organization. At this time there are no fees for joining the organization as we are in a grandfathering period of two years which will complete in 2021. Please download, print and fill out the form and attach all necessary documentation.

Please mail the form to:


Attn: Dr. Melinda Connor

31907 South Davis Ranch Rd.

Marana, AZ 85658

Please note we must have paper copies of the materials. Please include all relevant business license copies and certificates. If you are a training program please include whether you are an ICA/NCCA or private post-secondary approved provider.

Please note: This document is for individuals and training programs which are operating in the US. At this time we are not accepting applications from programs based in other countries.


The following organizations are currently associated with NAEP:

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Bengston Energy Healing ™
Brennan Healing Science ™
Core Star Healing ™
Creative Holistic Integration
Discover Healing
EarthSongs Holistic Health
East-West Academy of Healing Arts
Energy Healing Conferences
Energy Medicine Partnerships
Foot Zone
Heal and Thrive
Healing Beyond Borders
Healing Touch Program ™
Institute for Applied Meditation
Institute for Frontier Medicine
Institute for Integrative Healing
International College of Medical Qigong
Monroe Institute
National Foundation for Energy Healing
National Qigong Association
NURA Foundation
Resonance Modulation ™
Rhys Thomas Institute
Subtle Energy Center ™
The Eden Method ™
The Practical Path ™
Touch Healing ™
Quantum Touch ™
Polarity Therapy ™
Pranic Healing
The Reconnection ™
Usui Reiki Ryoho
University Affiliations:
Akamai University
Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
California Institute of Healing Science
East-West Academy of Healing Arts
International College of Medical Qigong
University of the Heart
The Energy Medicine Institute
Shift Your Life
Energy Healing Institute